Thursday, 15 April 2010

No.3 - A proper tour of the new unit at Lewisham

So we all had our proper tour of the new unit due to open on the 10 May (The opening has been put back due to the elections)... We were expecting a quick walk around but were greeted with balloons, cake and drinks and goody bags for those of us with bumps.

Oh and the art selected the day before was all up on the walls...along with the specially commissioned wooden sculptures for each of the rooms. The beds, sofa's, TV's and other finishing touches are still to go in but the birthing stalls, ropes, balls and pools all look cool... and made some of us feel envious of the women who will get to birth actively in this space. Seriously made me think about having Number three... eeek.

The first year of the unit will be an exciting challenge for all the staff and supporters and hopefully the ethos of the MLU will rub of on Labour Ward just upstairs... and rumour has it that Labour Ward will get a well needed facelift shortly. Will be great to hear from women using the new unit on this blog!!!


  1. Thanks for this blog. I'm booked at Lewisham to have my second baby in December. It's certainly not the hospital I would have chosen because I have read and heard many horror stories about giving birth there and it had such a poor rating in the 2008 maternity review. However, I am not allowed to go to the hospital of my choice due to being 'out of catchment' and the only other possible hospital is fairly inaccessible by public transport so I 'chose' Lewisham. It's great to read that things may turn out to be better than I'm expecting. It would be wonderful to be able to choose Lewisham, my local hospital, with confidence. Thanks for sharing your journey and making me feel a bit less scared. I'm looking forward to reading about more improvements here.

  2. ElderberryM... Thanks for reading and do keep checking in congratulations and I hope you have a positive experience this time round. Do speak with your midwife about the options open to you and the Mid wife led unit and let us know how you get on.