Tuesday, 27 April 2010

27 April 2010 - I am melting!

Hello there, so chaired my second meeting today and the room was so hot I thought we might all melt into a puddle. It was a quiet meeting which means I managed to get us finished early. Key outcomes from the meeting include:

That efforts will be made to support the 11 peer breastfeeding supporters trained in one of the Children's Centre even without funding for co-ordinator.

The new information booklet for maternity services in Lewisham is now at the final stages. The maternity matters booklet about the new Midwife led unit is published and in circulation. Information about pelvic floor and bladder exercises should also be avaliable and links will be made with Phsiotherapy...Also information should be easily available on UHL website shortly.

Service user reimbursement - Information provided to each service user attending and should be emailed to existing members. Service users to attend 3 meetings before committing to the committee... he he.

The PCT will look at options to support a GP to attend meetings by providing locum cover at their surgery... Hopefully will have a GP present at the next meeting...

Engagement: This was a last minute AOB slipped in by me asking if the MSLC could have a presecence at Lewisham People's day .... hopefully this is achievable and we should do something jointly with the hospital... so ideas and volunteers needed.

So dates for the diary meetings for the rest of 2010:

15th June 6pm - 8 pm (giving Service users working full - time the chance to attend at least one meeting of the year)

14th September 12 - 4 pm The MSLC Training session for all members of the committee with lunch (fingers crossed!)

21st September 2 - 4 pm

16th November 2 - 4 pm

All dates TBC subject to venues being booked...

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  1. Hi Penny - I like reading your blog!
    Do you know how I can get hold of a copy of the Maternity Matters booklet you mention? (paragraph 3)
    Jane x
    Lewisham NCT