Monday, 29 October 2012

Impact of pfi gone wrong in SE London

The impact of the failed Private Finance Iniatives at Queen Elizabeth and Princess Royal leading to unstainable debt across South London Health Care Trust will bring pressure on services provided at Lewisham Hospital.

The draft report is published today by the Office of the Trust Special Administrator. Read the summary recommendations or full report.

Just two of the recommendations that maybe of interest to YOU:

Emergency care – Emergency care for the most critically unwell patients should
be provided from four sites - King’s College Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital,
Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Royal University Hospital. Alongside
this, services at University Hospital Lewisham, Guy’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s
Hospital Sidcup will provide urgent care for those that do not need to be admitted
to hospital. Emergency care for those patients suffering from a major trauma
(provided at King’s College Hospital), stroke (provided at King’s College Hospital
and Princess Royal University Hospital), heart attack (provided at St Thomas’
Hospital and King’s College Hospital) and vascular problems (provided at St
Thomas’ Hospital) will not change from the current arrangements.

Maternity care – There are two options under consideration to ensure that a high
quality of care is provided for women needing to be in hospital during pregnancy
and for women when giving birth. Obstetric-led deliveries could be centralised in
line with critical emergency care across King’s College Hospital, St Thomas’s
Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Royal University Hospital;
alternatively, there could also be a ‘stand-alone’ obstetric-led delivery unit at
University Hospital Lewisham. All other maternity care will continue to be
provided in a range of locations across south east London.

There will be a public meeting held at Lewisham hospital on Thursday 8 November.

The public consultation runs from 2 November - 14 December tell them what you think here

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