Friday, 10 December 2010

Snow Joke....he he he... jingle bells

Well this is likely to be my last post for 2010 and its a shame to say that the last meeting of the year was postponed due to my international gallivanting (California no less to visit dear beloved family) and then cancelled due to the SNOW...did you miss it? I do hope not...

So there is not a lot to report but I do have some bits and bobs:

At the last meeting there was some discussion about breast feeding and expressing support in the special care unit for babies at UHL.... I reported back the committee's concerns at the UHL Labour Ward forum meeting and the consultant for the ward kindly gave me a tour of the unit and discussed the plans for refurbishment which it dearly needs as provision for breast feeding and expressing is inadequate and very unpleasant. However, the plans and budget are yet to be approved. I would imagine in this age of austerity it is not a certainty that the Unit will get the face lift it really needs. One interesting comment from both the ward manager and consultant was that they used to have glider/rocking chairs for breast feeding but they had to be removed for infection control. They seem uncertain about being able to get chairs that will meet the requirements so if anyone reading this blog knows a way around this let me know... or maybe its a case of UHL's procurement peeps being more imaginative and creative! I am sure they must exist.

I would like to thank all of those who have been involved in the committee over the last year: especially those who make the meeting happen, those who attend, and those of you who check out the blog and feed in your comments and finally those of you committed to developing the midwifery services and practice in Lewisham to improve families birth experiences.

I hope to work with you all more during 2011.

Happy Christmas. x

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  1. Well we don't really need rocking and gliding chairs, but we DO need breast pumps!