Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My first meeting as Chair 16.02.2010

Always a good start I arrive to find the Creche workers have arrived. Yay. Settle my boy in with Creche and go meet up with everyone a quick chat and then we begin. I am a little nervous and am playing catch up as I missed the last meeting (with the very good excuse of having given birth the day before). My biggest challenge is keeping us all to time.. with too much to discuss.
Key points from the meeting:
Discussion on the feedback from the survey conducted in 2009 of women who gave birth under Lewisham in summer 2009.
The timetable and plans for the opening of the new midwife led unit for Lewisham.
post natal support for women whilst in Hospital and on discharge, particularly mental health support.
How the committee can broaden its engagement with women using the service.

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